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Congratulations on picking the 90-ball bingo cards – as you’ll see above, you’ve made an excellent choice!

90-ball bingo: some fun backstory

This version of bingo is also called “Housie” or “House” bingo, and it is very popular all over the world. It goes back all the way to sixteenth century Italy, where it was played on Saturdays. Unlike many other chance-based games, bingo was considered a respectable game suitable to be played by the whole family. The modern bingo card was invented by Edwin S. Lowe in 1929 – and he even hired a maths professor to optimise the possible number of combinations on the cards, until he had 6000 different cards on the go.

The game

Aside from family bingo, 90-ball bingo is also a serious game which can be played for cash or considerable prizes. 90-ball bingo requires that the winner be the first to match all the numbers on his or her ticket with the numbers randomly called out by the game announcer, who pulls then out of a randomiser. And if you’re lucky enough to hold a winning ticket, you get to shout out ‘bingo!’

90 ball bingo cards of bingo deal.

The card lay-out

The 90-ball version of bingo is played with tickets which are ruled in a 3 by 9 grid, with 15 numbers in total, five numbers and four empty boxes per row. They are spread out sequentially, with 1 to 9 in the very first column, all the way to 80-90 in the last.

When you play, you usually get six tickets for each round, all printed on one strip.

the design of a bingo card for 90 ball bingo

How to win

Note that there are fewer winning lines per game than in 75-ball bingo. In this version, there are three ways to win – obviously, the more lines you cross out, the better the prize

  • The one-line bingo: you’ll need to cross out all the numbers on any one of the rows on any of your tickets.
  • The two-line bingo: here, you’ll need to cross out any two lines.
  • The Full House: you win the biggest prize if you manage to cross out each of the 15 numbers, that is all three rows, on a ticket.

The Prize

In this version of the game, fewer prizes can be won than in the 75-ball. The prize usually depends on the price and number of tickets sold – though in a family game, you could end up winning a tin of biscuits instead. If more than one person manages to win, the prize is split fairly between then.

Maximise your game

If you’re already an old hand at bingo and have honed up your reaction time, you can maximise your chances by buying several cards for each round – but watch out that you don’t end up spending more than the value of the prize! If you’re relatively new to the game, it’s much better to play with one ticket per round until you get the hang of it.

Bingo advice

Don’t forget to brush up on the rules before you play, so you can enjoy yourself and concentrate on your ticket – while the 90-ball version of the game is widely popular, different venues and groups can have slightly varying rules. At the end of the round, used strips are thrown away, and you begin with a clean, new strip, with a new chance at the prize.

Printing instructions

Below we’ve provided the optimal printer settings to make sure your cards are printed correctly:

  • Make sure that background colours are enabled before you print, as you don’t want to accidentally leave them out.
  • Our card can be printed in colour or in sepia: make sure you’ve selected the correct option on your printer (colour or grayscale/monochrome), before you click print.
  • Our cards are formatted and ready to print. Set your printer to the A4 format, with the portrait page orientation.
In conclusion

In 90-ball bingo, the game patterns vary slightly from game to game, which means that the game is always interesting and exciting – so it’s a good idea to print many tickets, as it’s unlikely anyone will want to go home early. Bingo is very social game, and many regulars soon become fast friends.

With that in mind, have fun and happy playing!