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Welcome to our 20-ball bingo card page!

A bit about our Cards
Bingo cards are not just useful for playing games – they can also be used for educational purposes. With this in mind, we have designed out own educational bingo cards.

Not only does it take a just few moments to print these cards, but they can be used again and again, for as long as your child needs them.

They are light and small, so you can easily bring them along on a day out in the park, a weekend away or a long car trip.

20 ball bingo cards of bingo deal

Why use bingo cards

It is a well known fact that some children are visual learners, and others learn by doing. Our cards will help these children in two ways. Firstly, you can print in multiple bright, vibrant colours which are invaluable in helping your child remember their exercises. It is a scientifically proven fact that colours serve as an aid to memory. Secondly, by actively playing with the cards, children will have a better understanding of how sums work.

Maths made fun

Our 20-ball bingo cards are colourful and attractive – for this reason children will immediately associate them with playing a game. This is a great way to introduce maths to young learners who are reluctant to sit down and do sums from their textbook, and for those who get nervous because they feel they are not good at maths. Instead of being a dreaded chore, maths becomes a fun game, and you can play it with the whole family.

There are lots of fun games you can play!

Counting games

Children use the numbers printed on the cards to do simple sums. Simply, place the cards 1-20 in a random order, and then decide what sum they must solve. You can choose addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, one for each round of the game – or you can mix them up for a more challenging round.

Then, you can turn it around, so that for each number on the card, the child must invent the sum that totals that number. For example, you give them 9, and they must come up with variants like 5+4, 3×3, etc.

Number recognition

Younger learners can practice writing and reading aloud each of the numbers on their card, and then again in decimals and hundreds. They can cross out the numbers they get right, and circle ones to try again. They get a point for each number.

Number bingo

If you have more than one child playing, or if you’ve decided to have a family game, you can have one person call out the sum, for example, 10+5. The children must then work out the answer and cross it out on their ticket – the first person to cross out a line shouts ‘bingo!’

Which ever games you choose, don’t forget to come up with a point system or some kind of reward, to keep your kids feeling motivated.

The design of our bingo cards

Our bingo cards go up to number 20, and every time you need a new set of numbers, our randomiser easily generates them in seconds. The randomiser has been programmed to produce unique cards, so that it is impossible to get a card which has two of the same number. Because of the huge variation in numbers, it is also unlikely that you will get two of the same card.

There are 3 rows and 3 columns. In the first row, you will get figures between 1 and 7. In the second row, between 8 and 14 and in the last row, 15 to 20.

the design of a bingo card for 20 ball bingo
How to Print

We’ve made printing as quick and easy as possible! All you have to do is pick your printer setting, and press the print button.

Here are some tips to make sure you get the best possible results:

  • Make sure your printer is enabled to print background colours – usually this is turned off for printing from a website, but be sure to enable it when printing the cards.
  • Our cards are available in colour or grayscale. When your printer gives you the option to choose, pick which ever one you prefer. Some printers have a default grayscale setting, so be sure to double check.
  • To save you time, our cards are already formatted for you: make sure that your printer layout is set to A4, portrait, before you print.